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Learn, Laugh, Live

Hinckley u3a

If you are no longer in full time work, or raising a family then you are in your Third Age, which if you are wondering, is what the 3a stands for in our name.

Every organisation seems to have a mission these days but ours is simply to Learn, Laugh and Live. Giving you opportunities to develop your interests, make new friends and most importantly enjoy yourself and have fun.

There are thousands of u3a spread across the world and members are making the most of life by continuing their creative, educational or social interests in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere.

Membership of Hinckley u3a only costs £15 per year in advance. Plus there is a charge of £2 per session for group meetings payable on the day and you can join as many of our activity or interest groups as you like. Visit the Groups page to see the many and varied ones that membership of Hinckley u3a offers.

Once a month Hinckley u3a holds a General Meeting for its members where they can get together, chat and listen to some great speakers covering a wide variety of subjects. We choose speakers with our aim of Learn, Laugh and Live in mind. They can be informative so that you go away thinking ‘well I didn’t know that’ , others are chosen so that we can have a good laugh, it’s all about helping us live our lives to the full.

Some members just come to the general meeting or a specific group which is just fine, it is up to you which groups or how many you join.

Everyone is welcome to join us, you don’t have to live in Hinckley as many of our members come from further afield.

Members who join Hinckley u3a follow the three u3a Principles :

  • Membership of Hinckley u3a is open to all in their ‘third age’ and not in full time employment.
  • Members promote the values of lifelong learning and positive attributes of belonging to Hinckley u3a.
  • Members should do all they can to ensure anyone wanting to join Hinckley u3a may do so.

So have a look around our website to see if membership of Hinckley u3a will help you to enrich your life and help you to Learn, Laugh and Live !

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