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There is more information on Trips within the Groups Page, Trips

Trip Management Changes
We’re very lucky in Hinckley u3a to have 3 people who manage trips: Wendy Barker, Di Campbell, and me, Janice Strand. Some group leaders also arrange trips, perhaps just for their group members. Between us, I think we provide varied, interesting, and good value-for-money trips. And people who sign up are very happy but a very small number of people make the job of organising trips very difficult, and it’s becoming worse. Especially people who sign up and then back out when payment is requested, which means empty seats and a financial hit for Hinckley u3a. 
The committee is aware that unless something is done, then at least 2 of the trip organisers would stop offering trips. So the committee has decided the following:
1. To ensure trips are covered by u3a insurance, the committee must review the organiser’s plan. To do that, they need costings and a plan from the organiser. If the committee doesn’t know about a trip and something happens, the trip won’t be covered by our insurance. 
2. The trip organiser is responsible for publicising and managing the trip. 
3. However, there will be no more sign up sheets. It appears that some people thought that signing up was an informal expression of interest, and others signed up on behalf of a friend but forgot to tell them. For the organiser, the sign up sheet was viewed as a firm commitment and used to book tickets and the coach. 
4. Trips will be publicised in the usual way: verbally at the general meeting, at group meetings, on our Facebook page, in the newsletter, and on the website.
5. To secure your place, you’ll be asked to pay upfront with cash or cheque. If you don’t pay upfront, the seat will be offered to somebody else on a first come, first served basis.
6. There will be no refunds. If you want reimbursement, you’ll have to find somebody to replace you and they’ll pay you directly. 
Please note this new procedure will apply to all new trips. So the following trips will continue to be managed using the current procedure:
Hampton Court, 18th April 2024, organised by Di Campbell.
American Museum and Bath, 3 June 2024, organised by Janice Strand.
As always, I’m very happy to discuss this further. You’ll find my contact details on the website, in the Members Only section.
Hinckley u3a promotional stand at BURBAGE COMMON OPEN DAY on Saturday 16th September 2023.
It’s great to meet prospective members and explain how our u3a works and the many Activity Groups that we run. Many thanks to the volunteers that spared time to talk to visitors to the event.
If you can spare some time to man our stand at any future events, please let Chairwoman Janice Strand know.


This event was designed to show New, Existing  and Prospective members some of the Activity groups that we operate. There was a real buzz and a constant trail of visitors. Thanks go to Group Leaders who spent their time chatting with both Members and Non-Members and also to Rosie and Janice who provided a constant flow of drinks and ‘cookies’.


Parliamo Italiano ?

I have a list of people who would be interested in coming along to an Italian for Beginners group. But I don’t have a group leader! You don’t have to speak Italian like a native, but a basic understanding would probably be helpful. On the other hand, the u3a philosophy is the leader and attendees all learn together! If you think you might like to lead this group, Wendy or Janice would love to hear from you. Contact details are in the members only section or you’ll always see one or the other at a meeting.


New cycling group

Jane Cornelius and Rita Wilson are considering starting a cycling group which will be fun and is intended to keep us fit!  All rides will be at a manageable pace aiming to enjoy the ride – so we will take our time as this will not be a test of stamina.

The group would meet on a monthly basis which could be variable in order to accommodate both the availability of group members and the weather!

As many rides will take place on designated cycle paths, a car journey will be required to get to the starting point.

All bikes, including fold-ups and electrics are welcome so long as they are roadworthy and not ‘old boneshakers’

With safety in mind, we are limiting numbers to ten riders to start but in due course we may increase this number.

If you are interested in joining the group, please sign up at the General Meeting or email    janeecornelius@btinternet.com

How, where what when who…?

A new group starting 19 April 2019 in GWC. The group is aimed at people who have little / no knowledge of the German Language but wish to gain sufficient to enjoy a visit to Germany / Austria without having to resort to ‘Do you speak English’. Emphasis is on speaking the language – and understanding the responses…Topics such as making reservations, going shopping, asking for directions will be addressed as well as considering wider aspects of German culture.

You’ll also find out where this castle is located…

The Book Table returns !

We have restarted the used book table at our monthly meetings.  We are grateful for your donations and so far have had an excellent selection. Paperbacks,  we are selling for 50p;  hardbacks, we ask for an appropriate donation.  All proceeds go to the Hinckley U3A funds.  

Attention all jigsaw lovers

Cathy Allen and Sue Kyte will be starting a new jigsaw bring and buy table at the monthly meetings 

The jigsaws will be ‘sold’ for £1, but the hope is that people will bring them back to be sold on again at later meetings. All donations of unwanted jigsaws gratefully accepted 

Here are some that they already have available….