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Architecture: People & Places

The group leaders are Paul Cooney & Keith Barker

What does the group do ? 

We have talks or watch videos about many things loosely associated with architecture. 

Such as :-

A particular architect & their buildings good or bad! 

Someone such as William Morris who influenced the style of buildings & their contents.

Maybe an architectural style such as brutalism or Victorian Gothic.

Famous buildings, a geographical area, or even buildings connected by a route such as railway architecture.

Many of the talks include a bit of historical or cultural background to the chosen theme. The topics are quite eclectic so it is certainly not just all about arches and columns, but about people and places connected by architecture & the built environment. We look forward to seeing you there.


  • 15 April: chapter 3 of Keith Barker’s series on Railway Architecture
  • 20 May: David Aston will talk about Willoughby House in Warwickshire, his childhood home
  • 17 June: a possible trip to Stockport Plaza, an art deco cinema and theatre in Stockport (TBC)
  • 15 July: a possible guided walk around medieval Coventry (TBC)
  • 19 August: a possible guided walk around Warwick (TBC)
  • 16 September: Paul Cooney will do a talk about Sydney Opera House
  • 21 October: Janice Strand will do a talk about the German-American architect Mies van der Rohe
  • 18 November: Wendy Barker will do a talk about architectural glass
  • 16 December: TBC