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Coffee and

current affairs

Are you fed up with shouting at the TV news every night? Good! Come to the Coffee and Current Affairs to meet people of your own heart, but not necessarily of the same political persuasion.

You don’t have to be a Fiona Bruce or Robert Peston to have thoughts and views about the parlous state of the world. Everybody has views, so come and share them, and learn from each other.

Janice is the resident socialist, and she doesn’t mind being in a small minority. Order is easily maintained because everybody is very polite and British (apart from Janice, that is), plus there’s the dreaded gavel in the background.

Intrigued? Wonderful! Give Janice a call, phone number in the Annual Programme, or just turn up on the day.

We meet in the Small Hall in the Millennium Centre on Britannia Road in Burbage LE10 2HF. There is plenty of parking on site.

Don’t forget to bring your coffee/tea mug !


Group Leader