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Cycling for fun

Jane Cornelius and Rita Wilson have started a cycling group which will be fun and is intended to keep us fit!
All rides will be at a manageable pace aiming to enjoy the ride – so we will take our time as this will not be a test of stamina.
The group meets monthly on 3rd Thursday morning, which could be variable in order to accommodate both the availability of group members and the weather!
As many rides will take place on designated cycle paths, a car journey will be required to get to the starting point.
All bikes, including fold-ups and electrics are welcome so long as they are roadworthy and not ‘old boneshakers’.
With safety in mind, we are limiting numbers to ten riders to start but in due course we may increase this number.
If you are interested in joining the group, please contact the Group Leader,  Jane Cornelius  (Contact details in the Members Area on the ‘About’ page).