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monthly general meeting

Our Monthly General Meetings with a Keynote Speaker are held on the 2nd Tuesday every month 2 till 4pm
They are held at The PitcHes function room at Hinckley Rugby Club, Leicester Rd, Hinckley, Leicester LE10 3DR.
The charge for this meeting is currently £3 per person.
There is a speaker each month and refreshments of tea, coffee & biscuits afterwards. Please bring your own mug or cup as we don’t have access to washing up facilities & in the interest of being environmentally friendly we don’t want to use disposable cups.
The meeting starts with a few announcements to keep everyone informed about what is going on at Hinckley u3a. There is also an information table where you can find out more about our varied selection of interest groups, and other events or trips that are being organised. 
We also have tables of second hand books and jigsaws, which members have donated,  which we sell at a nominal cost.
If you are thinking of joining Hinckley u3a why not come along to this meeting and meet the membership secretary Sue who will tell you all about what Hinckley u3a has to offer. 


Baroness Bolsover 

Afternoon Tea Etiquette

Meet the Victorian Baroness and learn everything that “one simply must do’” and quite a few that “one simply mustn’t “.  Hopefully you will leave with all the information you require to become the crème de la crème of ones next tea party. Take a step back in time as her Ladyship recollects her afternoon tea  experiences in the reign of her beloved Queen Victoria and discover the answer to some of life’s most difficult dilemmas, Milk or Tea first?

The Baroness has asked that
“ If everyone could bring along a napkin, teaspoon, cup and a saucer that would be splendid and I like to add that hats are always welcome but entirely optional! “


Geoffrey Harris  ‘The London No-One tells you about’

Everyone has heard of the great tourist destinations in London. St. Paul’s Cathedral; Westminster Abbey; The Tower: Big Ben. After all Roger Whittaker told us all about them in a song, but how many people tell you about Postman’s Park, the world’s smallest prison or the Bishop of Winchester’s Geese? The answer to that is hardly anyone. Until now. Geoffrey Harris’ talk “The London No-one Tells You About” does just that. In a fast- paced, amusing and at times downright funny talk he will shed a light upon some of the lesser-known facts about London, its laws and its strange inhabitants. You will be left wanting to know so much more about human lavatories, coffin-escape devices and one-legged escalator testers that you will just have to go there yourselves.
Geoffrey himself is an experienced speaker having made a career lasting nearly forty years in the entertainment and hospitality business. He has established a reputation as a lively, energetic and original speaker.

WEDNESDAY 12TH June 2024

Ian Maber – ‘Laughing my way around the world’

Apparently his talks are very visual with animation, film, special effects etc & they are all humour based you can find out about Ian on his website The Teller of Tales http://thetelleroftales.co.uk.websitebuilder.prositehosting.co.uk/fourthcoming-events
For over 30 years I have travelled and worked in over 43 countries. Every culture and country has its own unique set of problems, to which it requires a unique set of solutions.
I have gathered together many of the humorous events from my travels to create this presentation. From the bizarre to the downright ridiculous, this fully illustrated talk which will leave you with only two thoughts.
Either this is adventure I would like or I’m glad I live in the UK!

WEDNESDAY 10TH July 2024

William French – “Butler to the Royal Family and film stars”


Immaculately dressed in his butler attire, William French, former royal butler, will regale members with tales from his career with the royal family to current times.  He began his working life by signing up for the Royal Navy at the tender age of 15 1/2, originally training as a chef but rapidly deciding he wanted to become a steward & then he had the chance to work on the Royal Yacht Britannia.
After leaving the Navy, he worked as a butler to many distinguished or famous people, including a lord, touring with the original cast of Calendar Girls and as butler for Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.  
Will he tell us what the butler saw or is he sworn to secrecy? come along and find out.

WEDNESDAY 14TH August 2024

Bharat Patel –  BBC and ITV reporter and documentary maker

Award-winning reporter and documentary maker Bharat Patel has worked for BBC Radio Leicester, Radio 4, ITV and BBC television. He has covered events which made headlines around the world, including the Kegworth air crash, the death of Princess Diana, the Gujarat earthquake and the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. But it’s not all been about tragedy: he’s also interviewed Polly the parrot, who spoke five languages, and Wonky, the world’s oldest donkey. And he was there the moment Brian the budgie was reunited with his owners in Ilkeston after he’d escaped to Corfu. 
His talk is mostly humorous, recounting the funny stories that never appear onscreen, but which occur with alarming regularity in the life of a TV journalist.
The story he has never covered is his own. By the age of eight he had travelled across three continents, ending up in Leicester after a soothsayer told his parents his future lay in England. His family exchanged a comfortable lifestyle in a warm climate for a tiny terraced house with a leaking roof in cold wet Highfields in Leicester. Their arrival led to a series of bizarre and comic incidents odder than anything Bharat encountered as a reporter. He tells these tale in his book ‘Indian Takeaway’ he will be bringing along some copies  which he sells to raise funds for the Hope Cancer charity ,so bring along some cash the books are 10 pounds each and money raised on the day will go straight to Hope. 

WEDNESDAY 11TH September 2024

Elaine Perkins ‘Candle wax, Chickens and Cheese’ –
weird and wonderful ways of predicting the future.

People have always wanted to know their future and have used many different ways to predict it.. Originally they would use the items they had to hand, to help them decide their fate. Now, people have settled on the more well-known methods, runes, tarot cards etc, but there are many different methods that have fallen out of favour and have been almost forgotten. Elaine will demonstrate some of the more unusual types of divination, ancient and modern, with a variety of different items. Elaine will be in costume as a Medieval Cunning woman, with a range of found and made objects to help people see life through the eyes of ordinary Medieval men and women.

WEDNESDAY 9TH October 2024

Caroline Roberts ‘Pubs, coffee houses and cafes’

Leicester’s Temperance Movement and its coffee houses, remember Winns, the Turkey Café, Mikado and Oriental Hall?

Caroline has been a blue badge guide for the Heart of England especially Leicester for over 25 years often working for the Mayor. Born in Leicester into a family with ties to the hosiery, Leather & Tobacco trade she has a wealth of knowledge about the history of Leicester. She is an accomplished speaker and tells her tales without notes and paints a picture of life in Leicester. She spoke at the history group last year telling us all about Murder most Foul n Leicester members really enjoyed her talk so no doubt this talk will be just as interesting.

WEDNESDAY 13TH November 2024

Roger Prescott – Juke Box Jury – The Christmas one!

WEDNESDAY 11TH December 2024

Sandy Leong – Food of the Gods –
when chocolate was worth more than silver

The Aztecs believed that cocoa seeds were a gift from the god of wisdom. The Spanish took the bean back to Spain in 1528 and kept its’ source a secret; at first it was worth as much as silver; in 1520 chocolate arrived in England and the first Chocolate House opened in 1657; Louis XIIII was so infatuated by chocolate he established a position at Court of The Royal Chocolate Maker to the King. The Quakers were instrumental in making it popular, the Swiss refined it; and now we can’t seem to do without it! The God of wisdom gave us chocolate – I’m not sure if it was a wise move!

Sandy is an historian & professional speaker, she is a regular speaker on P&O, Fred Olsen and Saga Cruise ships & with other lines.

Pictures from previous Monthly General Meetings

Christmas Festivities, December 2023
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A 'willing' volunteer
Bishop Peter Fox proves a point !
Charles Hanson values our antiques
Charles Hanson values our antiques
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Judge & Jury - would you have selected the correct verdict ?
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Peter Coombs - Film & TV Extra
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