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health matters

The purpose of the group is to examine a diverse range of health and related subjects to enhance understanding and identify health issues and their impact on individuals, families, society and the environment.

Health in the context of the group includes: physical, mental, psychological, social, spiritual, sexual and environmental.

Confidentiality: Members have agreed that confidentiality will be maintained within the group, meaning that no one will discuss other group member’s personal issues outside the group.

Please note that the normal July meeting is cancelled -instead the group members are all attending a Marie Curie coffee morning at a member’s house.
The guest speaker Lindsay Orton who was scheduled for July will now be at the September meeting. 

“The group leader is Jo Cook. We meet on the third Thursday of every month from 10.00 to 12.00 at the St Francis Community Centre on Tudor Road in Hinckley LE10 0EQ (left hand side room, access through the rear door). There are parking spaces around the building as well as plenty of roadside parking.”