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The Mah Jong Group meets on the 1st and 3rd Fridays monthly from 2-4 pm in the David Herbert Room at the George Ward Centre.

The game is for three or four players and each person plays as an individual.  The game is played with tiles and has similarities with the card game rummy.  The tiles comprise suits and honours and are used similarly to playing cards. The object is to collect sets by picking up and discarding tiles in turn.  As with many games the object is to collect a winning hand and go out before any other player.  Winning is helped by mastering the game, however a certain amount of luck is involved.

No previous knowledge of the game is required as full tuition will be given.  Players new to the game are first given basic tuition involving collection of simple sets of tiles.  As knowledge of the game increases, more complicated sets are introduced to complement the simple sets thus enhancing the game.

Beginners’ classes are held at intervals throughout the year.  The Mah Jong Group plays to the u3a set of rules contained in an illustrated booklet and obtained through the Group Leader.

Anyone who wishes to learn Mah Jong should first contact Susan Webb before coming along to the Group.