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North American History

Do you ever wonder what makes the Americans and Canadians tick? Why not stop wondering and start learning…. the nations are two of the UK’s closest friends, but are very different from the ‘old world’.

The group leader is Janice who was born and raised in the States but with very deep Canadian family roots, and she’s dusting off the history books. The continent has been inhabited since the last Ice Age, and didn’t spring magically into life when European settlers arrived! Group members will explore various topics such as:

  • Migration, from the Native Americans and First Nation Canadians, to European settlers looking for profit and religious freedom, to immigration in the 19th century, to immigration from South and Central America
  • Revolution in the 18th century and its effects on Canada
  • Creating a new nation from scratch
  • How did Canada develop from a French colony to a ‘dominion’
  • Enslaved people and the American Civil War
  • The relentless push westwards
  • World Wars 1 and 2
  • How each nation is governed
  • American leadership of the free world

And that’s just for starters!

We meet on the 4th Monday of every month, for two hours from 10.00 in the David Herbert Room at the George Ward Centre. Just come along, your first visit is free so you’ve nothing to lose.