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Vinyl Records

The group meet on the fourth Friday monthly 10am to 12noon at the St Francis Community Centre, Tudor Road, Hinckley, LE10 0EQ.

There is no doubt about it – Vinyl Records are experiencing a resurgence of interest – not only have second-hand record shops sprung up but charity stores have refocussed their interest; new records are being stocked by specialist stores and even supermarkets sell new records.
During the Vinyl Years we delighted in the album artwork, sleeve notes and the fact that we owned something physical and rushed home with our new purchases.
But more than that, music was for sharing and playing to friends, and as a result we all expanded our range of musical interest and enjoyment.

Now that experience can be re-lived with our Vinyl Records Group where we share our interests by playing our treasured pop music vinyls together using a high quality equipment to listen to your choice of music from the 60s, 70s and 80s. 
These were the Vinyl Years which followed on from the  Shellac Years (30s 40s and 50s) and preceded the Compact Disc Years (80s, 90s and 00s) and the Download and Streaming Years (10s onwards) and it is the Vinyl Years that this group targets it’s interest.

Show us your precious collection or re-purchased classics – don’t mess about with re-buying Beethoven records or Grieg – they’re dead and don’t need the money for their pensions funds as much as Noddy Holder, Pink Floyd or Brian May. Also technical issues can be discussed along with anecdotes and memories about your records.
Even if you’ve no longer got your vinyls, you’re still welcome in our group – technology has given us the means to play your own choice of tracks that were originally vinyl issues.

Come along and join us to share your guilty pleasures, be it albums or singles and persuade the rest of the group why they should like your choices as much as you do and we’ll vote Juke Box Jury style whether it would HIT or MISS your modern-day playlist.

Group Leader:-  John Langham  

Equipment Available:

Pioneer PL120 Belt-drive Turntable
Ortofon VMS3e MkII Cartridge & new Elliptical Stylus tracking 1.7gm
Denon RCDM35dab HiFi Receiver 22w RMS
Pair Celestion One Speakers